Mineral Ceremony with Lumbee Elder Sharon Oxendine - April 22, 10:30 AM-1 PM

Earth Day, April 22
Mineral Ceremony with Lumbee Elder Sharon Oxendine.

The Mineral Ceremony was taught directly to Sharon by the late Dr. Malidoma Some.
“A person’s purpose is energetically inscribed in their bones and translation into work should agree with the message engraved in these bones.”

This is an indigenous ceremony using rocks which are the bones of Mother Earth. Connecting us with our community but also connecting us with our purpose.  Being able to use mineral as an actual element allows is to awaken what’s in our bones. If we are not aligned with this purpose, we will find ourselves looking for identity.  As a community, we will come together and actually mirror that for each other. It becomes a deep and loving ritual, also honoring the bones of Mother Earth on Earth Day.  Please bring two smooth, flat river rocks, palm size.  Please bring an extra one if you can. 

Bring an outdoor chair, water, and an open heart.  (Optional – BYO picnic lunch after.)

Suggested Love Offering $20 - $50.  Pre-registration required.  (60 Participants Max)

To register, please click HERE.