Charley and Pam


Ten years ago, I felt the call of something more – the call to be someone I’ve never been before.

Unity offered me the foundational principles on which to build that someone, my best self.  From that perspective I could finally see and live into my potential.  Living these principles is a continual work-out.  Unity has also provided me with a “family” of loving work-out partners. 

Unity’s impact on my life has been profound. It helped guide me to the answer of one of life’s most significant questions:  What is my purpose, my role?  I have discovered that it is devoting myself to bringing compassion to life through practical action.  The joy we receive from community service keeps us young, healthy and enthusiastic! 

I was always taught – invest in that which gives you the highest return on your investment.

Unity unfailingly gives me just that.


UTBR has been my spiritual home for more than 25 years. A home in every sense of the word – a place where I am encouraged to grow, where I am loved and accepted unconditionally by my “family,” and where I practice unconditional love and have learned to celebrate diversity.

Unity is a special place where I can pause from my weekly practical life activities to reflect on my spiritual growth.  I can see and understand how to integrate my everyday life with my greater self.  Unity teachings have deeply impacted my life because they have helped me move   from “talkin’ to walkin’ – moving my consciousness from the head to the heart, which gets my hands and feet busy in purposeful work.

Just as my actual home is a significant investment that I joyfully accept, so too is my second home, Unity.  I feel a responsibility for giving time, talent and treasure towards its upkeep in order for it to best serve my spiritual family and its needs.

The immutable laws of giving and receiving require that we give where we are spiritually fed.   I give till it feels good!