Session 3 - Build Strong, Joyful, and Supportive Relationships in 4 Steps with Terri Crosby

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May 30. Session 3: 100% Responsibility—What it Means and How it Helps. Most partnerships take this common stance: “I’ll take my share of responsibility and you take yours, and that will equal the whole pie.” But the result of this point of view is that it causes us to skate between happy and not, angry and resentful and not, satisfied and not. Putting the concept of total responsibility into practice takes awareness and plenty of rehearsal. And yes, in truth, it requires continuous focus and commitment. But my prediction is that you won’t mind one bit about the necessary devotion required when the positive results begin to show up. Together, we’ll walk through victim consciousness to freedom.


Build Strong, Joyful, and Supportive Relationships in 4 Steps with Terri Crosby

Welcome to this series of four relationship classes on Tuesday evenings, beginning on May 16! 

Please register for each one separately as they come up in the Unity calendar schedule. 

Together, let's discover how to improve our connections with others.  Be prepared for a participatory, light-hearted, and empowering interaction.

What to Bring: a notebook and pen, along with examples of change you wish to activate in yourself and in your relationships with others. We all have those places!

This series is designed to help in the following ways:

·       Get along better with someone you love. You’re aware that some of what you’re doing isn’t working and you’d like to refine your approach.

·       Feel more comfortable (less fearful, cautious, worried, anxious) when there’s conflict with a person, situation, or group.

·       Be more direct in your communication without saying something you wish you hadn’t. Be true to yourself and know in your heart that this is a kindness to yourself and to others.

·       Find ways to bring up and navigate a potentially difficult conversation without your partner becoming defensive. Or the same in reverse… how to navigate feeling defensive toward your partner.

·       Be authentically true to yourself instead of walking on eggshells or avoiding.

·       Know how to bring up a difficult topic with your partner and feel steady, honest, and expressive about your point of view, feelings, and finding possible solutions.


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May 30th, 2023 6:30 PM through  8:30 PM
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