Peter and Karen-Eve

I trained in Theology in the UK in an ecumenical seminary in my mid 40s.  I was on staff at a wonderful church in Hendersonville for 10 years. During that time Peter and I met and married. Both of us were on a search for meaningful spirituality and found there were empty holes in our lives traditional theology did not fill. We yearned for an open loving congregation where a Jewish guy from NJ and a Mtn Baptist Gal turned Anglican turned Lutheran would be welcomed. We were both yearning for a place where there is inclusion, Divinity & Dignity in all, original goodness, and all paths lead to divine LOVE.    

We attended a community thanksgiving service here in 2017 and first experienced Unity.  We found a home here that is Radically inclusive, spiritual progressive, socially responsive AND gives us weekly inspiriting directions on how to actualize our gifts and what is ours to do in this world.  Unity is ready NOW to use the gifts and energy we can offer in the areas we WANT to serve. Other communities were not there or ready yet for the radical inclusion and action. We see our Unity here is filled with midwives and Dulas helping to usher in the higher spirituality the world needs and wants. We want to bring to life -not be hospice workers in spiritual communities. Unity seeks to serve the spiritual needs of the world, age, and universe now, not the past.

We are here to serve, create, support, love, learn, and share. We feel valued and loved. We are fed from the moment we hear the opening song through the music, messages, people, peace song, and the beautiful environment. Thank you so much for letting us be part of this wonderful community.

We are thankful we live here and found UNITY of the BLUE RIDGE.